Live Projects


10th Anniversary Fireworks at Chelsea College of Arts, 2015

“A live project comprises the negotiation of a brief, timescale, budget and product between an educational organisation and an external collaborator for their mutual benefit. The project must be structured to ensure that students gain learning that is relevant to their educational development.”

Live Projects Network

Live projects positively establish a purposeful dialogue with the outside world as well as a pedagogic means to extend the institutional confines of the design studio. BAISD works in various capacities to successfully design and propose solutions, past projects have included: Meanwhile Gardens in Notting Hill, the Portobello Market Trust, Original Features, Lewis PR, Millbank Creative Partnership, Victoria & Albert Museum, the Courtauld Gallery, Ford Design, The Royal Horticultural Society, Tate Britain, Chelsea Fringe, The Crafts Council, Heathrow Express, Oasis, Foundling Museum, The William Morris Gallery and with new and continued partnership projects in the pipeline.

We are also involved in the formation of the Live Projects Network in partnership with Oxford Brookes University, School of Architecture.

“Building on existing and emerging relationships with other institutional live project contexts, the Live Projects Network is an online resource to become a critical point of reference to connect students, educators, clients, practitioners and researchers involved in live projects. The aims are to promote the use of live projects in education, share best practice, encourage dialogue and also contribute to the establishment of a theoretical basis for the study of live projects.”
Live Projects Network


Stories Under A Tree, London, Meanwhile Gardens, 2013

Please contact the BA Interior and Spatial Design team if you would like to discuss the prospect of undertaking a live project with us.